Feel the Power.

Linley Group reports: "The Power8 specs are mind boggling. . .IBM's newest server processor will smash existing performance records, particularly for memory-intensive applications"

With Power8 Systems from IBM, you can reach new levels of performance in Big Data and Virtualisation.

Capable of processing up to 96 threads per socket per clock cycle, with clock speeds of up to 4GHz and memory perfomance (Up to 230 GB/s sustained I/O bandwidth), the new Power8 systems from IBM can provide new levels of utilisation and performance.

But what does all that mean?

Do More With Less

Power8 delivers faster perfomance and greater throughput than Intel based systems at the same price - meaning you can buy fewer systems - or get faster results with the same budget. Even better, many of your systems will run without modification - and many without so much as a recompile.

Change the rules.

Power8 isn't just a new system from IBM: it truly is an open platform - that a completely new ecosystem is growing around. The Companies such as Tyan, Google, Samsung and Hitachi are taking advantage of this platform - that truly changes the rules of the game. 

i-Layer are experienced specialists with both Power8, the management of production Linux workloads and the provision of hybrid cloud: if your workloads are Linux based (Redhat, Suse or Ubuntu) and you're interested in trialling their execution on Power8, then contact us to discuss how you can take advantage of this incredible technology today.

Or perhaps you wish to engage in 24 hour free of change trial? You can run your workloads up and test them against a system of up to 16 virtual cores - at no cost. Interested? Click here.